Getting Started

Running Locally

Download and install the App Engine SDK for Python.

You’ll then need to checkout the Stashboard repository.

git clone git://

Open the SDK, choose File > Add Existing Application... and select the stashboard folder inside the cloned repository. Then click the green “Run” button to start the application.

Visit http://localhost:8080/admin/setup to complete the installation.


Open the file and change the SITE_NAME, SITE_URL, and REPORT_URL options to the desired values.

If you’re planning on authenicating using the REST API, you need to register your application with Google to get your CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET values.

Configuring Twitter Updates

To configure posting to Twitter, you must create an application and follow the instructions for generating access tokens for a single user.

  1. Create a Twitter account for posting status messages.
  2. Log into with the account you want to use for posting statuses.
  3. Create an application with Read and Write permissions.
  4. Visit your application’s page and create an access token.
  5. Update with your Twitter username, consumer key, consumer secret, access token, and access token secret.


Before you can deploy to Appspot, you’ll need to create an application on App Engine. Once you’ve done that, update the app.yaml with your application id.

Hit the “Deploy” button, wait a couple of seconds, and then naviagate to http://{application} to enjoy your new status dashboard.